Title insurance protects the single largest financial investment most people make. One out of every four residential real estate transactions has an issue with the title, which is usually resolved by title professionals before the buyer closes. Unlike other lines of insurance such as auto insurance or health insurance, title insurance is a one-time fee, as opposed to a monthly, quarterly or annual premium over the life of the policy. When you consider the size of the asset being protected, title insurance is probably the best value among the majority of costs associated with closing on a new home.

The skilled professionals here at the Central Alabama Title Center and our industry in general, work hard behind the scenes to protect a borrower's financial investment in their homes. But just because we work behind the scenes until that day of closing, we don't want our work to be a mystery! No matter if you are a consumer purchasing your first home or a seasoned lender who has originated and closed hundreds of loans, our company has something to offer you.

We know customers have a choice when shopping for a title insurance provider. So consider the Central Alabama Title Center's expertise, high service standards, dependable quality as well as our commitment to educating and informing our customers when selecting your title insurance provider.