Largely attributable to our quality and service, CATC has established relationships with several attorneys in the marketplace who need a title insurance resource. The market pressures that exist in today’s real estate environment have forced several real estate attorneys to be terminated by their underwriter simply for their lack of ability to meet remittance volumes. Today, approximately 15% of CATC’s business is generated by entities who are not owners in CATC.

If you are an Alabama or Mississippi attorney who wishes to be able to conduct real estate settlements but are unable to secure an agency relationship with an underwriter, consider working with CATC. Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • Submit an application to CATC to be designated as an Approved Attorney or Approved Settlement Services provider.
  • If your application is approved, your firm will be added to CATC’s database of approved providers.
  • When a lender requests you as their settlement provider, place your title work with CATC by either supplying CATC with the research necessary to write the title insurance policy or we can work with a local provider to obtain the search work.
  • CATC will issue the commitment with all supporting affidavits and/or disclosures to you in advance of your closing.
  • Your office handles the closing, being sure to address any matters reflected in the commitment issued by CATC.
  • After the closing, the premium is paid to CATC and any required documentation is returned to CATC. If you issued the search, you will also need to provide an update to the search to CATC so that we can issue the final policy. If CATC obtained the search on your behalf, we will request the update from our provider and upon receipt, your final policy will be issued.

It is that simple! Consider partnering with CATC today. Call at (334) 263-2085 and ask for Kathy Shirah or Contact CATC for more information.